Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WWE Hell in Cell Alberto Del Rio!

This week's main event saw CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio going head-to-head as WWE Champion John Cena looked on from the announce desk. The Voice of the...
Voiceless might have sealed a pinfall victory, gaining some much-needed momentum, but it was Alberto Del Rio who had the last laugh.Punk and Cena pummelled Rodriguez with the GTS and the Attitude Adjustment respectively, then turned their attention on one another - unwittingly giving Del Rio an opportunity to strike.

Battering both Superstars with a steel chair, Del Rio stood proudly in the ring, giving his Hell in a Cell competitors a taste of things to come just days before the three meet again inside the vile structure. Explaining the firing of The Miz and R-Truth one week earlier, Triple H continued to lay down the law when he fined World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry for putting his hands on Jim Ross and sending Jerry "The King" Lawler through an announce table.

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