Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sebastian Vettel want to win his second Formula One title in style

Sebastian Vettel has vowed to win his second Formula One title in style even though he need finish only 10th in Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix to clinch his second successive championship. The winner of nine of 14 races so far this season told reporters he intended to... kick off his celebrations on the podium at Suzuka, rather than simply bank the solitary point he needs from the final five races. "We want to do it in the right way," said Red Bull's 24-year-old German, winner from pole position at the Honda-owned circuit for the past two years. "I think if you have the ability, the package overall, to do well around here, you have to enjoy it and you have to make sure that if the chance is there to finish on the podium you finish on the podium," he added. "Yes, there would be reason to celebrate, even if we finish 10th, but it wouldn't be the same.

"The moment you decide to fly, sooner or later there's a moment when you will come down as well," Vettel warned. "You have to, nothing flies for ever." He also laughingly suggested that if anyone wanted to do him a favour, they could maybe push Button down the stairs on the way out. Button gazed around the room and doubted any of those present shared Vettel's apparent concern. "I think it's great, going into this race, Sebastian thinking that I have a chance of winning the title," he grinned. "He's probably the only person here (who does)...or the only person that's saying so. "It's all but over."

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