Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soccer, No goal line on a soccer match until 2013

LONDON -- Goal-line technology is unlikely to be introduced in soccer matches until 2013, a member of the sport's rule-making body said Wednesday. The English Premier League had hoped to have high-tech aids for... referees in place by August 2012, but tests with about nine systems are only now about to start in stadiums across Europe on non-match days. The International Football Association Board, which met on Tuesday, will not be able to approve any of the systems for use in professional matches until July. "I think that'll be too late for season '12-13," IFAB member and English Football Association general secretary Alex Horne said. "I think it'll be '13-14 because there's then a big capital decision-making process for any league or any competition who want to apply it.The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology will oversee the new wave of tests.

The IFAB panel is composed of four FIFA officials and the four British associations, with six votes required to pass a motion. FIFA president Sepp Blatter reversed his opposition to tests after England was denied a goal in its second-round loss to Germany at last year's World Cup. Blatter has said the technology could be in place at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, though that plan will likely be opposed by UEFA president Michel Platini. The former France great said he favors employing additional assistant referees beside each goal.

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